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The Sol of a Snoring Mammoth

The weekend of 24–24th June was a busy one for us bunch of Cheap Fakes. On Friday afternoon we were lucky enough to be invited to play on 612 ABC Brisbane’s “Drive” program. As usual, our most reliable bass-man Ben Hack and myself, Scotty Bignell, arrived punctually, with lead-man Hayden Andrews and sax-man Josh Appleby cutting it fine, arriving just mins before we were on air. During our short interview with Emma Griffiths, we voted drummer Sam Mitchell as being our most voluminous snorer while on tour, and Josh Appleby confessed that he recorded his gibberish sleep talk on a phone app. Something for the ladies, eh! We also performed a short four-piece live acoustic version of a track that will feature on our upcoming album, “Girls in Shibuya”. The performance was fun, and you can catch it on the 612 ABC Radio’s Facebook page here. “Girls in Shibuya” was inspired by one of many crazy nights we had on our 2016 Japan tour. What happens on tour stays on tour. Unless it finds its way into a song lyric or two ;-) 

As soon as we finished the radio spot, we had to head over to the Woolly Mammoth in Brisbane’s party central, Fortitude Valley, for setup and sound check. This was our first public Brisbane show in a few months and it was great to catch up with many of our Brisbane fans. Shout out to our mate Ryan, who reckons he’s seen us 100 times, for bringing along some Cheap Fakes concert virgins!

We also felt a bit like virgins that night as we premiered a few new tracks from our upcoming album - “Touch n Go” (the video of which was released recently here; a full-band electric version of “Girls in Shibuya” and our current favourite, a track tentatively-titled “Sisters”. To me, “Sisters” sounds like a mix between Led Zeppelin and Maroon 5, and is perhaps the natural evolution from the track “Ego” (off our 2014 album, Modern Vintage). We can’t wait to release it properly on our forthcoming album, and potentially as a single ;-)


 Image courtesy of Ryan Moes

Image courtesy of Ryan Moes

The following night we were back at it again, making our way up to Maroochydore to play at the infamous Solbar. This was also our first show in the Sunny Coast for a few months and it was great to catch up with many of our Sunny Coast friends.

Unfortunately, our Man-of-Mystery expert guitarist Scotty French was unable to play these shows, so it was great to bring back an old friend, Yabba Watson who was our bass player from 2011-2014, to fill-in for us. Yes, Yabba plays expert guitar too! Anyone who knows Yabba knows one should always expect the unexpected from him on and off the stage. Yabba rocked it, learning a bunch of new tunes in a short amount of time. Thanks mate! Check out Yabba’s latest musical project, ‘Neighbour’. Great tunes. Great musos.

We also had our sax player friend Andy Ball helping us out this weekend, filling out our horn section with baritone sax on Friday and tenor on Saturday. His solos on “Sand On the Beach” certainly got the party movin’. Anyone who knows Andy knows he’s one of the best and most versatile sax players in Brisbane. We’ve yet to give him a chart that he can’t sight-read the heck out of. You can check out some of Andy’s original music at Thanks again, Ballsack!

The Woolly Mammoth and the Solbar are two funky live music venues and we love playing at each of them. Do yourself a favour and keep your eye on their calendars. Shoutouts to the Hayden Hack Trio, the Khan Harrison Band, Tay Oskee and Dear Willow who supported us, as well as to the sound guys Shaun and Brian who always get the job done for us. We also really enjoyed hearing the jazzy noodlings of the ‘The Most’, who played at the Piano Bar around the corner from the Solbar while we wined and dined before our show.

 Image courtesy of Ryan Moes

Image courtesy of Ryan Moes

Our next gigs will be at Nightquarter in Helensvale on the 7th July. We’ve played there a few times in recent years and it’s definitely one of the best (and biggest!) stages on the Gold Coast. We’ll then be down south in Brunswick Heads, playing at Hotel Brunswick on the 30th July. We haven’t played there for a few years, and we know the folk down in Northern NSW know how to get down. If you’re a fan living on or around the state border, do yourself a favour…

by Scotty ‘Bigballs’ Bignell, Cheap Fakes trumpeter and keyboardist. You can check out some of Bigballs’ original music at

We're on Tour!

So right now we’re in the middle of our Touch n Go tour. This tour has a bunch of dates including Blues on Broadbeach, Peak Festival in Perisher and headline shows in Brisbane at the Woolly Mammoth, Sunny Coast at Solbar, Gold Coast at Nightquarter and The Bruns at Brunswick Heads in the Northern Rivers. It’s always exciting to take some of our new material out on the road and so far the response has been really great.

 Saturday Night on the Griffith Stage at Blues on Broadbeach 20th May 2017

Saturday Night on the Griffith Stage at Blues on Broadbeach 20th May 2017

The recording process for this tune, and the album, has been really different than the last releases. We’ve really embraced the idea of writing in the studio rather than before we enter the studio, and it’s really adding to the spontaneity of the tunes being captured. Having us all together jamming on an idea and then seeing what comes out often captures a rawness that’s hard to get back after too much polish. It’s taking the sound of the band in different directions with many different influences and styles being explored. 

Then, with the production wizardry of Mr. Scotty French we end up with a new, organic, fresh sounding tune that’s unmistakably Cheap Fakes. This is the first recording with the current lineup, which has the addition of Ben Hack on bass and Sam Mitchell on drums and it’s been a lot of fun taking all that chemistry we’ve developed over the last year and getting it down in the studio.

We love playing live, our gigs are like one big party and seeing how our audience reacts to the new sounds adds to the whole thing. We feed off the crowds energy, pump it back into the music and hopefully take us all on a journey. Come check it out, we’d love to see you. Check out our tour page to get the lowdown on upcoming dates and purchase your tickets.